The second Summer Institute took place at the University of Bristol, hosted by the School of Geographical Sciences, and was organized by Adam Tickell, Adrian Smith, and Jamie Peck. 

This event was supported by: 

  • UK Economic and Social Research Council 
  • Economic Geography 
  • Geoforum 
  • Antipode 
  • Sage Publications 
  • Blackwell Publishing 
  • Worldwide Universities Network


Featured speakers

Trevor BarnesTrevor Barnes

Professor of Geography and Distinguished University Scholar  
University of British Columbia, Canada

Amy GlasmeierAmy Glasmeier

Professor and Head, Department of Urban Studies & Planning  
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA

Ray HudsonRay Hudson

Professor of Geography and Pro-Vice-Chancellor  
University of Durham, UK

Andrew Leyshon Andrew Leyshon

Professor of Economic Geography  
University of Nottingham, UK


Baragwanath, Lucy - Lancaster University, UK

Barkan, Josh - University of Minnesota, USA

Carte-Real, Maria - University of Cambridge, UK

Corva, Dominc - University of Washington, USA

Currah, Andrew - University of Cambridge, UK

Drahokoupil, Jan - Central European University, Budapest, Hungary

Essex, Jamey - Syracuse University, USA

Evans, Yara - Queen Mary, University of London, UK

Faulconbridge, James - Loughborough University, UK

Foley, Paul - Clark University, USA

French, Shaun - University of Nottingham, UK

Hanson Thiem, Claudia - University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

Hassler, Markus - Ruhr-University, Germany

Heynen, Nik - University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA

Jefferson, Bea - University of Sheffield, UK

Jones, Peter - University of London, UK

Kim, Sookjin - University of Minnesota, USA

Kondo, Akio - GIS Research Center, Nihon University, Japan

Lepofsky, Jon - University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, USA

Lewis, Nick - University of Auckland, New Zealand

Martin, Nina - University of Illinois at Chicago, US

McKay, Steve - University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA

Mejia, Armando Xavier - University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

Mukherjee, Sanjukta - Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India

Murphy, Andrew - University of Birmingham, UK

Newstead, Clare - Nottingham Trent University, UK

Novelli, Mario - University of Bristol, UK

Oldfield, Sophie - University of Cape Town, South Africa

Oosterlynck, Stijn - Ghent University, Belgium

Park, Bae-Gyoon - National University of Singapore, Singapore

Ponniah, Thomas - Harvard University, USA

Pope, Naomi - University of California Los Angeles, USA

Ptacek, Pavel - Palacky University, Czech Republic

Simandan, Dragos - University of Olso, Norway

Sonn, Jung Won - Seoul National University, South Korea

Stam, Erik - Erasmus University, The Netherlands

Trauger, Amy - Pennsylvania State University, USA

Waters, Johanna - University of Liverpool, UK

Williams, Catharina Purwani  - Australian National University, Australia