“The seventh Summer Institute in Economic Geography was one the most useful but also enjoyable academic experiences of my life. It was a great opportunity for an in-depth understanding of all the contemporary discussions inside the discipline, something extremely important for me especially in a period of economic difficulties in Greece.”

Thanos Andritsos, doctoral researcher, Harokopio University, Athens, Greece 

"The SIEG 2016 was a wonderful and unique opportunity. It was a rich week of inspiration." Erika Machacek, PhD, Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland “The Summer Institute in Economic Geography is the ultimate alt-conference: it brings together a small, dynamic mix of early career scholars with geography’s leading voices in a way that allows for deep theoretical dives, methodological debates, topical discussions, and informal socializing. It was an experience like none other I've had in higher education, encouraging participants to feel at home amongst our peers and build relationships that will persist throughout our careers.”

Beth Gutelius, doctoral researcher, University of Illinois at Chicago, Department of Urban Planning & Policy

“The Summer Institute in Economic Geography is a fantastic venue to engage with emerging debates and practices in the discipline and to network with both early career and established scholars. As a participant at the Institute (2014) I gained practical knowledge about teaching and professionalization that has greatly aided my development as a new faculty member. I also made academic connections that have led to collaborative research projects with colleagues from around the world.”

Theresa Enright, PhD, Assistant Professor of Political Science, University of Toronto

“It is when you step outside of your cultural comfort zone that you are given the opportunity to learn the most about yourself. The Summer Institute was one of these opportunities for me. Bringing together participants and mentors from a range of theoretical cultures and backgrounds in a respectful environment, it offered a richness of alternative perspectives and ideologies. It encouraged me to interrogate my belief system, which in turn helped me to question and reframe my own research. As well, an even greater outcome was the chance to connect with a global network of colleagues and friends with whom I will continue to engage with into the future.”

Kirsten Martinus, PhD, Assistant Professor, School of Earth and Environment, University of Western Australia

“SEIG spurs new conversations and collaborations between scholars working across a wide range of topics in economic geography. As an early-career faculty it allowed me to better situate my work in the field and inspired future research directions.”

Stephen Young, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, University of Wisconsin-Madison