“Being part of the Summer Institute in Economic Geography in Zurich gave me a sense of belonging to a community of economic geographers, a better understanding of how my work fits into the discipline and confidence in knowing how to contribute to the field with my work. I have kept in touch with many of the people I met and have co-organised several sessions at international conferences since with several people, and we still do support each other. The opportunity to spend a whole week with an international group of people was priceless in establishing a mutual appreciation of our work and the building blocks of life long relationships. Please keep organising it!”

Ralitsa Hiteva, PhD, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Science Policy Research Unit and Sussex Energy Group, University of Sussex, UK

“My experience at SIEG in Zurich was invaluable particularly as it came at a perfect time for me—I was ABD and starting to think about going on the job market. SIEG provided a space for me to connect with other economic geographers, engage in excellent conversations around the part of the subfield I know the best, and quickly expand my understanding of the other parts of economic geography I was less familiar with. It gave me a real sense of the breadth and liveliness of the subfield. I'm still in touch with people from that trip and always look forward to seeing them at AAG and other conferences.”

Abigail Cooke, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, University at Buffalo

“I attended the 2012 Summer Institute in Zurich, and it continues to rank among the most important professionalization experiences I have ever had. Not only did I form enduring intellectual connections and personal friendships—often with economic geographers in other subfields whose work I would not have encountered otherwise—but I gained a far better sense of how my work might help advance the discipline as a whole. As an intensive, multi-day experience with a select group of scholars, the workshop spurred a depth of engagement and discussion not possible at most conferences—I have often referred to its design for ideas on how to facilitate more substantial, genuinely transformative academic exchanges.”

Sarah Knuth, PhD, postdoctoral fellow, University of Michigan

“The Summer Institute provided me with invaluable tacit knowledge. As a graduate student finishing my PhD, the program helped me not only to conceptualize the field of economic geography, but also to imagine my own place within it. Early conversations with peers that I met in Madison during that week in 2006 continue on to this day.”

Marion Werner, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Geography, SUNY-Buffalo

“I attended the SIEG 2014 in Frankfurt-am-Main. I really enjoyed the stimulating conversation and the friendly environment. I am thankful to organizers for their capacity to create a friendly environment facilitating creative scientific discussions. I strongly recommend the SIEG to all my colleagues.”

Nicola Francesco Dotti, PhD, postdoctoral researcher, Cosmopolis, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium