“I attended the SIEG 2014 in Frankfurt-am-Main. I really enjoyed the stimulating conversation and the friendly environment. I am thankful to organizers for their capacity to create a friendly environment facilitating creative scientific discussions. I strongly recommend the SIEG to all my colleagues.”

Nicola Francesco Dotti, PhD, postdoctoral researcher, Cosmopolis, Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium

“The 2012 Summer Institute in Economic Geography is the highlight of my experience with conferences and forums. Whilst fortunate to practice geography in New Zealand it comes with isolation from other economic geographers and geography conferences, and this tends to be reproduced at large events such as the AAG and RGS-IBG. As a platform, the Summer Institute, constituted by a group of prominent and emergent economic geographers, provided five days to specifically come to know each other and our diverse work, and discuss perspectives of economy geography around a set of disciplinary debates. Rather than just giving a paper and/or attending a conference session, I came away from the Summer Institute with an enriched perspective of economic geography (and economic geographers), a new set of relationships and opportunities for future research collaboration, and importantly, a commitment to being an economic geographer and contributing to our discipline.”

Stephen FitzHerbert, doctoral researcher, University of Auckland; Senior Tutor, Department of Geography, Massey University

"The Summer Institute was a great opportunity to learn more about how economic geography has evolved and to debate the exciting directions in which it is going. There was real critical, productive engagement between very different approaches and areas of research—much more so than at many conventional academic events. In discussions of the challenges of working in academia today, I appreciated the open and supportive way that the group worked together, which looks set to continue in a lasting network."

Amy Horton, doctoral researcher, Queen Mary University of London

“The Summer institute in Economic Geography provided me with a new analytical view towards the field. The expert faculty demonstrated how wide the theoretical base of economic geography is. The diverse student body was a true representation of economic geography. I recommend this experience to every young scholar interested in economic geography.”

Shiri M. Breznitz, PhD, Assistant Professor, Munk School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto

“SEIG spurs new conversations and collaborations between scholars working across a wide range of topics in economic geography. As an early-career faculty it allowed me to better situate my work in the field and inspired future research directions.”

Stephen Young, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, University of Wisconsin-Madison