“Attending SIEG 2012 was a unique opportunity for me. In addition to the thoughtful discussions with all the important scholars that organized the event, it has offered me a more integrated global perspective of critical economic geography.”

Stelios Gialis, PhD, Assistant Professor, University of Aegean, Greece

“The Summer Institute in Economic Geography is a truly enjoyable and valuable experience. The organisers bring together a remarkable group of early career researchers and established scholars with a planned diversity of personal, institutional and disciplinary backgrounds. This creates a wonderful environment for critical engagement and community building. As an ‘anti-conference’ with no pressure for immediate, measurable outputs, it’s hard to imagine a more re/productive event for participants and economic geography. Apply and attend!” 

Gareth Bryant, Lecturer in Political Economy, University of Sydney; now Senior Lecturer

“I already knew that economic geography is a heterodox and highly diverse field before attending the Summer Institute. But these six days of intense input and exchange helped me to make some sense of this diversity, to feel better equipped for navigating it, and to see my own position within it more clearly. For me, this was a unique opportunity for engaging with scholars and students from a variety of backgrounds beyond the often rather hectic conference gatherings, and to learn and benefit from their rich and diverse experiences.”

Alexander Vorbrugg, doctoral researcher, Department of Human Geography, Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany

“As an early-career researcher I could not imagine a better event that would help me to learn so much about my chosen discipline and put me in touch with so many other scholars interested in economic geography. The opportunities to interact with other academics (both other young researchers and well-established scholars), to exchange research ideas and to initiate future collaborations which the SIEG event in Frankfurt offered to me are exceptional in every respect and cannot be matched by any other event which I have taken part in, or which I am aware of. The idea behind SIEG, the commitment with which it is organised and the benefits which it offers to its participants are truly invaluable. I would wholeheartedly recommend SIEG to every young economic geographer whose ambition is to become a high-quality researcher and academic. There’s surely no better place to start!”

Piotr Niewiadomski, PhD, Lecturer in Human Geography, University of Aberdeen

"A fantastic six-day intensive all around economic geography, from discussing main lines of recent research, different methodologies, publishing strategies and career building, to connecting to peers and leading faculty from all around the world. The summer institute can be highly recommended to PhD candidates and postdocs.”

Melanie Fasche, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto