“I participated in SIEG as assistant to the organizing committee as well as panelist in one session. Besides the organizational tasks, I had the chance to build lasting friendships but also a professional network, which stretches far beyond the SIEG meeting. It proves valuable when it comes to future job plans and open career positions, not only because the participants come from everywhere but also because there is a good mixture between PhD researchers, postdocs and Assistant professors that enables an inspiring exchange of ideas and experiences. It was a great opportunity indeed at all levels: academic, professional and personal.”

Dorothee Niebuhr, doctoral researcher, Department of Geography, Goethe University Frankfurt

“The Summer Institute in Economic Geography, which I attended in Frankfurt in 2014, was a particularly meaningful and memorable academic and personal experience. It was truly a unique event that enabled both the intensive exchange of academic ideas and perspectives as well as the building of lasting community bonds. Going well beyond the script of a strictly academic conference, the Summer Institute’s sessions, meetings and social gatherings cut to the multifaceted heart of what it means to be an economic geographer. It has been inspiring to see that so many people remain in contact, and that the generative process that began at the SIEG has flourished into social as well as collaborative networks. For my part, I would like to remain involved with this project and contribute in any possible way to ensure its continuation, since I consider it an institution that plays a key role in building the present and future of Economic Geography.”

Luis Felipe Alvarez León, doctoral researcher, Department of Geography, UCLA

“An extraordinary example of how an academic meeting with mutual learning should look like. The Summer Institute is the number 1 meeting for young scholars in economic geography. The most inclusive atmosphere and the most innovative programme I have ever seen in a scientific workshop. The Summer Institute was a very important stepping stone in finding my intellectual home in economic geography.”

Márton Czirfusz, PhD, research fellow, Centre for Economic and Regional Studies, Hungarian Academy of Sciences

“The Summer Institute in Economic Geography is a truly enjoyable and valuable experience. The organisers bring together a remarkable group of early career researchers and established scholars with a planned diversity of personal, institutional and disciplinary backgrounds. This creates a wonderful environment for critical engagement and community building. As an ‘anti-conference’ with no pressure for immediate, measurable outputs, it’s hard to imagine a more re/productive event for participants and economic geography. Apply and attend!” 

Gareth Bryant, Lecturer in Political Economy, University of Sydney; now Senior Lecturer

“As a Ph.D. candidate at a school with a small Ph.D. program, the Summer Institute In Economic Geography was a perfect way to develop a group of peers in the field. Everyone was capable and interesting, and someone you could talk with for hours. The sessions were engaging and the faculty terrific—and very supportive.”

Peter Wissoker, doctoral researcher, Department of City & Regional Planning Cornell University