“It is when you step outside of your cultural comfort zone that you are given the opportunity to learn the most about yourself. The Summer Institute was one of these opportunities for me. Bringing together participants and mentors from a range of theoretical cultures and backgrounds in a respectful environment, it offered a richness of alternative perspectives and ideologies. It encouraged me to interrogate my belief system, which in turn helped me to question and reframe my own research. As well, an even greater outcome was the chance to connect with a global network of colleagues and friends with whom I will continue to engage with into the future.”

Kirsten Martinus, PhD, Assistant Professor, School of Earth and Environment, University of Western Australia

"The Summer Institute was a great opportunity to learn more about how economic geography has evolved and to debate the exciting directions in which it is going. There was real critical, productive engagement between very different approaches and areas of research—much more so than at many conventional academic events. In discussions of the challenges of working in academia today, I appreciated the open and supportive way that the group worked together, which looks set to continue in a lasting network."

Amy Horton, doctoral researcher, Queen Mary University of London

“The Summer Institute has become a right of passage in economic geography. It’s the can’t-miss, traveling genius loci where young scholars in the field can forge connections across continents that produce conference panels, special issues and other collaborations for years to come. It’s been less than a year since I attended and it’s already responsible for one conference panel, and a special issue is in the works.”

Mark Kear, PhD, Assistant Professor, School of Geography and Development, University of Arizona